Who We Are

The Trinity Baptist Church of Brooklyn, New York is a church which strives to fulfill the mission of going into the entire world and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission as a Church is to:

  • Make Disciples
  • Build Up the Body Of Christ
  • Teach the Body Of Christ as commanded by the Bible
  • Evangelize and spread the message of love and forgiveness into all the world

Our Vision as a Church is:

A Christ-Directed People, Persistently Driven Discipleship, Transforming Lives and Insightful Teaching of GOD's Word.

Our congregation is a cross section of all ages, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds who remain young in Spirit. We have family stability, love and deep concern for one another. God has richly blessed this church family. Members of our congregation, show the love of Jesus Christ among ourselves, our neighbors, our visitors, to the surrounding community and to the world.

Pastor Glenmore Bembry

History Of The Church

Community Outreach

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Trinity Baptist Church
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